Workers' Voice in European corporate governance - an invitation to open up new perspectives for participatory democracy: Workers' Voice

Mitbestimmungsreport No. 52e summarises the results of the Böckler group of experts' "Workers' Voice" and shows that various forms of the Workers' Voice are distributed in Europe - as functional equivalents with similar features and objectives: representing workers' interests, protecting and enforcing workers' rights, and being proactively involved in management decisions. To enable Workers' Voice to play a major role for a social Europe, the EU must revise the European legal framework and strengthen good corporate governance. This includes enshrining co-determination in supervisory and management boards of multinationals in a legally binding way, protecting existing rights to participate on a national level, and stipulating minimum standards for information, consultation and co-determination.


Kluge, Norbert; Leger, Robin; Leuchters, Maxi: Workers' Voice
Mitbestimmungsreport, Düsseldorf, 32 Seiten

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