Co-Determination and Corporate Sustainability: A Roadmap for Employers/Employees to Implement Co-Determination

It is common to think of capital and labor as rival factors when considering economic growth or profitability. However, an alternative way to think of capital and labor is as supplement factors. Capital is produces by labor and labor productivity can benefit from capital growth.

The following paper is a roadmap for the implementation of codetermination in the workplace. This roadmap can be used or both employers and employees in Israel to promote practices of employee involvement in the workplace.

A prerequisite for defining such practices as codetermination practices, is them being collective (relating to all employees or to a group of employees, not only to specific workers) and non-disposable (for example, receiving a bonus in any case of profit rather than as a burst of generosity). The road map will be divided into 3 categories and will be based on the existence of agreements between management and employees in the following areas: economic participation, structural-instrumental participation and structural-fundamental participation.


Nathanson, Roby; Gazala, Itamar: A Roadmap for Employers/Employees to Implement Co-Determination
Co-Determination and Corporate Sustainability, Tel Aviv, ISBN: 978-965-7523-35-3, 104 Seiten

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