English publications and translations into English

The Hans Böckler Foundation publishes a vast variety of books, academic papers and journals, a monthly magazine and a bi-monthly information service. Some of them are translated into English, some are published in English only.


"WSI-Mitteilungen" is a monthly journal providing up-to-date information on the results of research on current issues of relevance to trade unions. It is aimed primarily at the academic and business communities, trade unionists and policymakers. more...


A selection of articles that have recently appeared in Mitbestimmung, the monthly magazine of the Hans Böckler Foundation. The articles cover employee related issues across Europe and industrial relations developments in Germany. more...

Böckler Impuls

Every two weeks, the Hans Böckler Foundation's information service provides you with concise analyses and reports on labour, economic and social issues. Written for people who are short of time, it evaluates scientific sources and sound opinions. more...

Germany's "Key Data 2017"

"Key Data 2017" provides you with all the essential facts and figures on Germany's economic and labour market situation - compiled specifically to meet the requirements of those involved in co-determination. For example, it includes figures on federal debt, average personal income, the country's state of health and on how many companies in Germany operate a system of co-determination.

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List of all other English Publications



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