Internationale Fachtagung

From crisis to growth? The challenge of imbalances, debt, and limited resources

Veranstalter: Macroeconomic Policy Insitute (IMK) at the Hans-Boeckler-Foundation, Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM)

Ort: Berlin, Best Western Premier Hotel Steglitz International

vom: 27.10.2011, 09:00 Uhr

bis: 29.10.2011, 20:00 Uhr

Four years after the first turbulences on the U.S. housing market that triggered the subsequent global crisis, the future of the world economy is still highly uncertain. Is the crisis over, or are we heading towards a period of stagnation or recession? What will be the drivers of future growth? How to cope with high private and public debt? Is there a new growth model capable of overcoming the problems of financial instability, income inequality and trade imbalances? Are high growth rates still possible or desirable, given limited natural resources?

The submission of papers in the following areas is encouraged:

  • Global imbalances after the crisis
  • High debt of firms, governments and households and economic dynamics
  • Macroeconomic imbalances and public debt in the euro area
  • Macroeconomic and distributional implications of fiscal restraint
  • Sustainability of growth paths and desirability of high growth
  • Energy prices and inflation 
  • Modelling growth: Towards a new theory of growth?

For the open part of the conference the submission of papers on the general subject of the Research Network is encouraged as well. We also ask for the submission of papers for graduate student sessions on both the specific topic of this conference and the general subject of the Research Network. Conference language is English. Selected papers will be published after the conference. Registration forms for the introductory lectures will be available online in early July.

The deadline for paper proposals is 26 June 2011. Please send an abstract (one page) to fmm [at] Decisions will be made by mid-August. Accepted papers should be sent in by 15 October to be posted on the conference web page.

Organising committee of the conference:
Hansjörg Herr
Torsten Niechoj
Claus Thomasberger
Achim Truger
Till van Treeck  

Coordinating Committee of the Research Network:
Sebastian Dullien (HTW Berlin),
Trevor Evans (Berlin School of Economics),
Jochen Hartwig (KOF/ETH Zürich),
Eckhard Hein (Berlin School of Economics),
Hansjörg Herr (Berlin School of Economics),
Camille Logeay (HTW Berlin),
Özlem Onaran (Middlesex University),
Torsten Niechoj (IMK, Düsseldorf),
Jan Priewe (HTW Berlin),
Engelbert Stockhammer (Kingston University),
Claus Thomasberger (HTW Berlin),
Achim Truger (IMK, Düsseldorf) and
Till van Treeck (IMK, Düsseldorf).

More on the Research Network:

Call for papers (pdf)

Registration (pdf)

Conference programme (pdf)

Papers for download


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