Social Europe Strengthening Workers` Voice

The Egg, Brussels
26. - 27. April 2018


European Dialogue 2018


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The next elections to the European Parliament are due to be held in May 2019. They will determine what chance we stand of continuing to develop a Social Europe fit to live in, with positive prospects for jobs and companies, or whether we shall be stuck with the task of defending Europe against its proliferating crew
of political enemies. Vigorous democratic development of the social market economy will be decisive in determining the future of the European Union.

The fundamental European right to information and consultation makes employees in Europe into ‘citizens in the workplace’. The ECJ has determined, in its ruling on the TUI case that German codetermination conforms to EU law. Workers’ voice is considered among the the social goals that the EU has set itself.

Employees deploy ‘workers’ voice’ by means of information, consultation and codetermination in the workplace, in companies and in company supervisory and administrative boards. Approaches differ in the various member states but the goal is the same: companies operate on behalf of society, not just to enrich their shareholders and top managers. To that end we need European laws that establish fair standards for all EU member states on dependent employment, democratic corporate governance and social responsibility of private investors, workers’ codetermination in the development of sustainable companies, company taxation,
improved creditor and consumer protection and regions fit to live in.

The Hans Böckler Foundation and the European Trade Union Institute hereby invite you to a discussion on how workers’ voice can be brought decisively to policymakers’ attention in Brussels – as driver and practical guarantor of the Social Europe of the future.

Why Co-determination? A collection of good arguments (pdf)
Workers´ Voice and Co-determination

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