Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies

The Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM) aims to be both a platform for discussions about economic theory as well as a forum for economic policy debates. In particular, the forum seeks to promote an exchange between competing theoretical paradigms.

22nd FMM Conference

10 Years after the Crash: What have we learned?

In September 2008 the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers was a landmark in a series of events that triggered the great financial and economic crisis. However, its roots lie much deeper: rising inequality, deregulation of financial markets, private debt and trade imbalances are discussed to play a role. Ten years later, financial markets are again reaching record highs, the world economy grows at a strong pace and major central banks are beginning to tighten their monetary policy stance.

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21st FMM Conference

The Crisis of globalisation

At our 21st conference, we will assess how the past globalisation process can be explained, in which direction it may develop, and which policies are needed to make the global economy beneficial for all.

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6th international Summer School

The summer school aims at providing an introduction to Keynesian macroeconomics and to the problems of European economic policies to interested graduate students (MA and PhD) and junior researchers.
30 July - 05 August 2017.
Berlin, IG Metall Bildungszentrum Berlin Pichelssee

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20th FMM Conference

Towards Pluralism in Macroeconomics? 20 Years-Anniversary Conference of the FMM Research Network. Towards Pluralism in Macroeconomics?

During three conference days more than 300 participants engaged in discussions with presenters of about 140 selected papers in parallel sessions and eight keynote presentations.
20 - 22 October 2016
Berlin, Best Western Hotel Steglitz International

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Aim & Focus

The forum aims to be both a platform for discussions about economic theory as well as a forum for economic policy debates: Macroeconomic theory is seen as the basis for policies which aim at high employment, environmentally sustainable growth, price stability, reduced inequality, and the elimination of poverty. more...

Coordination Committee

Summer Schools and Conferences

Since its first workshop, held in 1997, the forum organises a yearly international conference, which takes place in late October. In 2008, the first international Summer School, directed at advanced students and young researchers, took place in Berlin. Starting from 2009, the Summer School shall be held every two years. more...


Metropolis-Publisher has established a publication series of the conference proceedings of the forum's yearly conferences. Further contributions to the workshops are published on a regular basis in "Intervention. European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies". more...


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