IMK Working Paper

Die Working Paper des IMK erscheinen unregelmäßig und gewöhnlich in englischer Sprache.

IMK working papers appear at irregular intervals and usually in English.

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Gechert, Sebastian / Paetz, Christoph / Villanueva, Paloma
Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up? Reconcilling the Effects of Tax and Transfer Shocks on Output
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 169.
Truger, Achim
The golden rule of public investment - a necessary and sufficient reform of the EU fiscal framework?
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 168.
Palley, Thomas I.
Inequality and Growth in Neo-Kaleckian and Cambridge Growth Theory
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 167.
Belabed, Christian A.
Inequality and the New Deal
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 166.
Breitung, Jörg / Schreiber, Sven
Assessing Causality and Delay within a Frequency Band
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 165.
Palley, Thomas I.
Zero Lower Bound (ZLB) Economics
The Fallacy of New Keynesian Explanations of Stagnation. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 164.
Herzog-Stein, Alexander / Nüß, Patrick
Extensive versus intensive margin over the business cycle: New evidence for Germany and the United States
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 163.
Schoder, Christian
Estimating Keynesian models of business fluctuations using Bayesian Maximum Likelihood
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 162.
Dräger, Lena / Proaño, Christian R.
Cross-border banking and business cycles in asymmetric currency unions
November 6, 2015. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 161.
Wren-Lewis, Simon
The Knowledge Transmission Mechanism and Austerity
Why policy makers, rather than academic economists, made macroeconomic errors in 2010. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 160.
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