IMK Working Paper

Die Working Paper des IMK erscheinen unregelmäßig und gewöhnlich in englischer Sprache.

IMK working papers appear at irregular intervals and usually in English.

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Schröder, Enno / Picek, Oliver
Spillover effects of Germany`s final demand on Southern Europe
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 181.
Picek, Oliver / Schröder, Enno
Euro area imbalances: How much could an expansion in the North help the South?
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 180.
Gechert, Sebastian / Horn, Gustav A. / Paetz, Christoph
Long-term effects of fiscal stimulus and austerity in Europe
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 179.
Behringer, Jan / Stephan, Sabine / Theobald, Thomas
Macroeconomic factors behind financial instability
Evidence from Granger causality tests. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 178.
Palley, Thomas I.
Monetary policy and the punch bowl
The case for quantitative policy and wage growth targeting. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 177.
Uxó, Jorge / Álvarez, Ignacio / Febrero, Eladio
Fiscal space on the Eurozone periphery: The case of Spain
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 176.
Joebges, Heike
Crisis recovery in a country with a high presence of foreign owned companies
The case of Ireland. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 175.
Pasimeni, Paolo / Riso, Stéphanie
The redistributive function of the EU budget
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 174.
Poppitz, Philipp
Does self-perceptions and income inequality match?
The case of subjective social status. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 173.
Palley, Thomas I.
Why ZLB Economics and Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) are wrong
A theoretical critique. IMK Working Paper, Nr. 172.
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