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Makroökonomische Theorie und Ökonometrie


Lindner, Fabian
Changes of the price level and the nominal exchange rate can have quite different impacts on the trade balance
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 191. 

Tarassow, Artur / Schreiber, Sven
FEP - the forecast evaluation package for gretl
Based on FEP version 2.1, March 2018.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 190. 



Flaschel, Peter / Charpe, Matthieu / Galanis, Giorgos / Proaño, Christian R. / Veneziani, Roberto
Macroeconomic and stock market interactions with endogenous aggregate sentiment dynamics
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 186. 

Theobald, Thomas / Hohlfeld, Peter
Why have the recent oil price declines not stimulated global economic growth?
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 185. 

Menden, Christian / Proaño, Christian R.
Dissecting the Financial Cycle with Dynamic Factor Models
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 183.

Strohsal, Till / Proaño, Christian R. / Wolters, Jürgen
Assessing the Cross-Country Interaction of Financial Cycles: Evidence from a Multivariate Spectral Analysis of the US and the UK
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 182. 


Poppitz, Philipp
Does self-perceptions and income inequality match?
The case of subjective social status.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 173.

Palley, Thomas I.
Why ZLB Economics and Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) are wrong
A theoretical critique.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 172.

Haustein, Erik / Schreiber, Sven
Adjusting production indices for varying weather effects
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 171.

Gechert, Sebastian / Paetz, Christoph / Villanueva, Paloma
A Narrative Account of Legislated Social Security Changes for Germany
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 170.

Gechert, Sebastian / Paetz, Christoph / Villanueva, Paloma
Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up? Reconcilling the Effects of Tax and Transfer Shocks on Output
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 169.

Palley, Thomas I.
Inequality and Growth in Neo-Kaleckian and Cambridge Growth Theory
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 167.

Breitung, Jörg / Schreiber, Sven
Assessing Causality and Delay within a Frequency Band
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 165.

Palley, Thomas I.
Zero Lower Bound (ZLB) Economics
The Fallacy of New Keynesian Explanations of Stagnation.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 164.

Schoder, Christian
Estimating Keynesian models of business fluctuations using Bayesian Maximum Likelihood
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 162, Januar 2016.

Dräger, Lena / Proaño, Christian
Cross-Border Banking and Business Cycles in Asymmetric Currency Unions
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 161, Januar 2016.

Priewe, Jan
The enigmatic dollar-euro exchange rate and the world's biggest forex market - performance, causes, consequences
IMK Study, Nr. 49.

Diefenbacher, Hans / Held, Benjamin / Rodenhäuser, Dorothee / Zieschank, Roland
Wohlfahrtsmessung "beyond GDP" - der Nationale Wohlfahrtsindex (NWI2016)
IMK Study, Nr. 48.

Heise, Arne
Pluralismus in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften - Klärungen eines umstrittenen Konzepts
Expertise für die Hans Böckler Stiftung.
IMK Study, Nr. 47. 

Heise, Arne
Pluralismus in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften - Klärungen eines umstrittenen Konzepts
Expertise für die Hans Böckler Stiftung.
IMK Study, Nr. 46.


Schoder, Christian
A Keynesian Dynamic Stochastic Labor-Market Disequilibrium model for business cycle analysis
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 157.

Lindner, Fabian
Did Scarce Global Savings Finance the US Real Estate Bubble?
The "Global Saving Glut" thesis from a Stock Flow Consistent Perspective.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 155.

Belabed, Christian A.
Income Distribution and the Great Depression
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 153.

Reissl, Severin
The return of black box economics - a critique of Keen on effective demand and changes in debt
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 149.

Lavoie, Marc / Hein, Eckhard
Going from a low to a high employment equilibrium
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 144.

Joebges, Heike / Dullien, Sebastian / Márquez-Velázquez, Alejandro
What causes housing bubbles? A theoretical and empirical inquiry.
IMK Studies, Nr. 43. 


Palley, Thomas I.
Rethinking wage vs. profit-led growth theory with implications for policy analysis
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 141.

Baker, Dean / Rosnick, David
Stimulus and Fiscal Consolidation: The Evidence and Implications
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 135.

Palley, Thomas I.
Milton Friedmans economics and political economy: an old Keynesian critique
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 134.

Palley, Thomas I.
The critics of modern money theory (MMT) are right
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 132.

Proaño, Christian
Macroeconomic Risk, Fiskal Policy Rules and Aggregate Volatility in Asymmetric Currency Unions: A Behavioral Perspective
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 129.

Proaño, Christian
Detecting and Predicting Economic Accelerations, Recessions and Normal Growth Perioda in Real-Time
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 128.


Tavani, Daniele / Zamparelli, Luca
Endogenous Technical Change, Employment and Distribution in the Goodwin Model
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 127.

Belabed, Christian A. / Theobald, Thomas / van Treeck, Till
Income Distribution and Current Account Imbalances
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 126.

Behringer, Jan / van Treeck, Till
Income distribution and current account: A sectoral perspective
IMK Working Paper, Nr 125.

Palley, Thomas I.
Horizontalists, verticalists, ans structuralists: The theory of endogenous money reassessed
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 121.

Lindner, Fabian
Does Saving Increase the Supply of Credit? A Critique of Loanable Funds Theory
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 120.

Palley, Thomas I.
Monetary policy in the liquidity trap and after: A reassessment of quantitative easing and critique of the Federal Reserve’s proposed exit strategy
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 113.

Palley, Thomas I.
Europe´s crisis without end: The consequences of neoliberalism run amok
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 111.

Charpe, Matthieu / Flaschel, Peter / Krolzig, Hans-Martin / Proaño, Christian / Semmler, Willi / Tavani, Daniele
Credit-Driven Investment, Heterogeneous Labour Markets and Macroeconomics Dynamics
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 110.

Palley, Thomas I.
Money, fiscal policy and interest rates: A critique of Modern Monetary Theory
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 109.

Palley, Thomas I.
Global imbalances and the Revised Bretton Woods hypothesis: Wrong before the crisis and wrong after
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 108.


Palley, Thomas I.
A neo-Kaleckian - Goodwin model of capitalist economic growth:
Monopoly power, managerial pay, labor market conflict and endogenous technical progress
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 105.

Schoder, Christian
Instability, stationary utilization and effective demand: A synthesis of Harrodian and Kaleckian growth theory
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 104.

Schoder, Christian
Effective demand, exogenous normal utilization and endogenus capacity in the long run.
Evidence from a CVAR analysis for the US
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 103.

Schoder, Christian
Endogenus capital productivity in the Kaleckian growth model.
Theory and Evidence.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 102.

Lindner, Fabian
Saving does not finance Investment: Accounting as an indispensableguide to economic theory
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 100.

Gechert, Sebastian / Will, Henner
Fiscal Multipliers: A Meta Regression Analysis
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 97.

Palley, Thomas I.
Keynesian, Classical and New Keynesian Approaches to Fiscal Policy: Comparison and Critique
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 96.

Charpe, Matthieu / Flaschel, Peter / Hartmann, Florian / Veneziani Roberto
Towards Keynesian DSGD (isequilibrium) Modelling: Real-Financial Market Interactions with Heterogenus Expectations Dynamics
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 93.

Schoder, Christian / Proaño, Christian / Semmler, Willi
Are the current account imbalances between EMU countries sustainable?
Evidence from parametic and non-parametic tests.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 90.

Theobald, Thomas
Combining Recession Probability Forecasts from a Dynamic Probit Indicator
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 89.

Rietzler, Katja
The IMK´s Model of the German Economy
A Structural Macro-Econometric Model
IMK Study, Nr. 29.

Detzer, Daniel / Proaño, Christian / Rietzler, Katja / Schreiber, Sven / Theobald, Thomas / Stephan, Sabine
Verfahren der Konjunkturellen Wendepunktbestimmung unter Berücksichtigung der Echtzeitproblematik
Welche Indikatoren geben frühzeitig zuverlässige Signale?
IMK Study, Nr. 28.


Köhrsen, Jens-Ole
Paradigmenwechsel in der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Politikberatung?
Der Wandel wirtschaftspolitischer Diskurse in Deutschland zwischen 1990 und 2009.
IMK Study, Nr. 2/2011.


Beblo, Miriam / Schreiber, Sven
The Life-Cycle Hypothesis Revisited: Evidence on Housing Consumption after Retirement
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 14/2010.

van Treeck, Till
Liquidity constraints versus loss aversion in household consumption: a simple reconciliation
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 13/2010.

Palley, Thomas I.
Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Endogenous Growth: A Synthetic neo-Kaleckian Model
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 7/2010.

Asadra, Toichiro / Flaschel, Peter / Greiner, Alfred / Proaño, Christian
Sustainable Capitalism: Full-Employment Flexicurity Growth with Real Wage Rigidities
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 5/2010.

Größl, Ingrid / Fritsche, Ulrich
New Keynesian DSGE Models and the IS-LM Paradigm
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 1/2010.


Dullien, Sebastian
The New Consensus from a Traditional Keynesian and Post-Keynesian Perspective
A worthwhile foundation for research or just a waste of time?.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 12/2009.

Stein, Ulrike
Zur Entwicklung der Sparquoten der privaten Haushalte - eine Auswertung von Haushaltsdaten des SOEP
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 10/2009.

Proaño, Christian
Heterogenous Behavioral Expectations, FX Fluctuations and Dynamic Stability in a Stylized Two-Country Macroeconomic Model
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 3/2009.

Palley, Thomas I.
Inside Debt and Economic Growth: A Cambridge - Kaleckian Analysis
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 2/2009.

Dullien, Sebastian / von Hardenberg, Christiane
Deregulierung in der öffentlichen Debatte in Deutschland
Studie im Auftrag der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.
IMK Study, Nr. 2/2009.

Hein, Eckhard
A (Post-) Keynesian perspective on "financialisation"
IMK Study, Nr. 1/2009.


Palley, Thomas I.
After the Bust: The Outlook for Macroeconomics & Macroeconomic Policy
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 20/2008.

Hein, Eckhard / Lavoie, Marc / van Treeck, Till
Some instability puzzles in Kaleckian models of growth and distribution: A critical survey
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 19/2008.

Hein, Eckhard / Tarassow, Artur
Distribution, aggregate demand and productivity growth – theory and empirical results for six OECD countries based on a Post-Kaleckian model
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 18/2008.

Flaschel, Peter / Proaño, Christian
The J2 Status of Chaos in Period Macroeconomic Models
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 14/2008.

Palley, Thomas I.
Macroeconomics without the LM: A Post-Keynesian Perspective
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 13/2008.

Flaschel, Peter / Franke, Reiner / Proaño, Christian
On the Determinacy of New Keynesian Models with Staggered Wage and Price Setting
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 11/2008.

Hein, Eckhard / van Treeck, Till
Financialisation in Post-Keynesian models of distribution and growth - a systematic review
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 10/2008.

Dallery, Thomas / van Treeck, Till
Conflicting claims and equilibrium adjustment processes in a stock-flow consistent macro model
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 9/2008.

van Treeck, Till
Asymmetric income and wealth effects in a non-linear error correction model of US consumer spending
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 6/2008.

Palley, Thomas I.
The U.S. Economy after Bush
Erscheint in: Challenge, Jg. 51, Nr. 6, November/Dezember 2008.
IMK Policy Brief. Düsseldorf 2008.


Hein, Eckhard / Stockhammer, Engelbert
A Post-Keynesian macroeconomic policy mix as an alternative to the New Consensus approach
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 10/2007.

Hein, Eckhard / van Treeck, Till
'Financialisation' in Kaleckian/Post-Kaleckian models of distribution and growth
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 7/2007.

van Treeck, Till
A Synthetic, Stock-Flow Consistent Macroeconomic Model of Financialisation
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 6/2007.


Proaño, Christian / Flaschel, Peter / Ernst, Ekkehard / Semmler, Willi
Disequilibrium Macroeconomic Dynamics, Income Distribution and Wage-Price Phillips Curves
Evidence from the U.S. and the Euro-Area.
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 4/2006.

Hein, Eckhard
On the (in-)stability and the endogeneity of the "normal" rate of capacity utilisation in a post-Keynesian/Kaleckian "monetary" distribution and growth model
IMK Working Paper, Nr. 2/2006.



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