FMM Working Paper

The FMM working paper series publishes up to date research by FMM fellows and affiliates. Working papers are circulated widely among scholars in academia and policy. 

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Stockhammer, Engelbert / Jump, Robert Calvert / Kohler, Karsten / Cavallero, Julian
Short and medium term financial-real cycles: An empirical assessment
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 29.  2018
Acocella, Nicola / Pasimeni, Parolo
The "uncovered inflation rate parity" condition in a monetary union
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 28.  2018
Jibril, Halima / Kaltenbrunner, Annina / Kesidou, Effi
Financialisation and innovation in emerging economics
Evidence from Brazil. FMM Working Paper, Nr. 27.  2018
Palley, Thomas I.
Recovering Keynesian Phillips curve theory
hysteresis of ideas and the natural rate of unemployment. FMM Working Paper, Nr. 26.  2018
Petach, Luke / Tavani, Daniele
Income shares, secular stagnation, and the long-run distribution of wealth
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 25.  2018
Nikiforos, Michalis
Distribution-led growth through methodological lenses
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 24.  2018
Logeay, Camille / Joebges, Heike
Could a national wage rule stabilize the current account and functional income distribution in the Euro area?
A study on wages, profits, and prices in peripheral countries. FMM Working Paper, Nr. 23.  2018
Nah, Won Jun / Lavoie, Marc
The role of autonomous demand growth in a neo-Kaleckian conflicting-claims framework
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 22.  2018
Palley, Thomas
Unemployment and growth
Putting unemployment into Post Keynesian growth theory. FMM Working Paper, Nr. 21.  2018
Fiebiger, Brett / Lavoie, Marc
Helicopter Ben, monetarism, the New Keynesian credit view and loanable funds
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 20.  2018
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