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The FMM working paper series publishes up to date research by FMM fellows and affiliates. Working papers are circulated widely among scholars in academia and policy. 

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Nah, Won Jun / Lavoie, Marc
The role of autonomous demand growth in a neo-Kaleckian conflicting-claims framework
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 22.  2018
Palley, Thomas
Unemployment and Growth: Putting Unemployment into Post Keynesian Growth Theory
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 21.  2018
Fiebiger, Brett / Lavoie, Marc
Helicopter Ben, monetarism, the New Keynesian credit view and loanable funds
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 20.  2018
Tavani, Daniele / Petach, Luke
No one is alone: Strategic complementarities, capacity utilization, growth, and distribution
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 19.  2018
Palley, Thomas I.
Three globalizations, not two: Rethinking the history and economics of trade and globalization
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 18.  2018
Lavoie, Marc / Reissl, Severin
Further insights on endogenous money and the liquidity preference theory of interest
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 17.  2018
Palley, Thomas I.
Re-theorizing the welfare state and the political economy of neoliberalism's war against it
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 16.  2018
Fazzari, Steven / Ferri, Piero / Variato AnnaMaria
Demand-led growth and accommodating supply
FMM Working Paper, Nr. 15.  2018
Stockhammer, Engelbert / Rabinovich, Joel / Reddy, Niall
Distribution, wealth and demand regimes in historical perspective
USA, UK, France and Germany, 1855-2010. FMM Working Paper, Nr. 14.  2018
Ederer, Stefan / Rehm, Miriam
Will wealth become more concentrated in Europe?
Evidence from a calibrated neo-Kaleckian model. FMM Working Paper, Nr. 13.  2017
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