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The Hans Böckler Foundation deals with co-determination, research linked to the world of work and the support of students on behalf of the DGB, the Confederation of German Trade Unions.

English publications and translations into English

The Hans Böckler Foundation publishes a vast variety of books, academic papers and journals, a monthly magazine and a bi-monthly information service. Some of them are translated into English, some are published in English only. more...

Co-determination in Germany

Co-determination in Germany defines a set of rights that give employees the possibility of actively participating in the shaping of their working environment. This includes legally stipulated Co-determination rights, companyinternal agreements devised in conjunction with union contracts as well as informal determination possibilities that have arisen from Co-determination practice. more...

Employee representation in Europe

More information on the European Company (SE) and board-level participation in the EU member states. more...

The Company Agreements Archive

The Hans Boeckler Foundation has the only significant archive in Germany containing company agreements negotiated between central management and workforce representatives. It contains a wide selection of material which can both provide an indication of policy shaping trends and also information on industrial relations in German companies. more...

Macroeconomic Policy Institue (IMK)

The IMK was founded in early 2005 to strengthen the macroeconomic perspective both in economic research and in the economic policy debate. The IMK analyses the business cycle on the basis of a coherent macroeconomic modelling framework. In their empirical research the IMK's researchers rely on modern Keynesian economic theory as well as advanced econometric methods.

Research at the IMK is focused on four key areas:
- Business cycle analysis and forecasting
- Economic policy analysis
- Labour markets, income and its distribution in a globalised world
- Challenges for macroeconomics and economic policy after the global financial and economic crisis

The research findings of the IMK are presented at conferences and workshops both in Germany and abroad. They are also published in the institute's own publication series, collections of papers, monographs and peer-reviewed economic journals. In addition to its academic research the institute also focuses on economic policy advice. more...

Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI)

The WSI is a policy research institute which undertakes academic analysis of issues of practical relevance to industrial relations. Its work covers a wide range of issues, from economic, labour market and structural policy to social policy, collective bargaining policy and co-determination.

The main focus of the research carried out by WSI is on the economic and social implications of developments in society and policy decisions. On the basis of the results of its academic research, the Institute elaborates economic and social policy proposals aimed at overcoming social problems. The research findings and ideas developed by WSI are made available to academics, policymakers and the public at large.

The work of the WSI is organised into a number of key areas:
- Economic transformation and employment in the process of globalisation
- Social polarisation, collective security and individualisation
- Industrial relations and collective bargaining policy more...

WSI Collective Agreement Archive

As the principal information centre on trade union policy on collective bargaining, the main task of the WSI Collective Agreement Archive is to track and analyse developments concerning collective agreements.

Besides publishing a monthly status reports on current agreements, the Archive also produces special analysis. The Archive has an internet website providing access to information on specific collective agreements and giving overviews of developments pertaining to collective agreements in all the major sectors. Every year the Archive publishes an annual report on current collective bargaining policy developments and a "Statistical Pocketbook on Collective Bargaining" with up-to-date informations and many longer time-series. more...

Research Support Programme

The Hans Böckler Foundation's Department for Research Support, in conjunction with external research bodies, has the special remit of making the most recent scientific findings available, with a view to ensuring that the social and political framework of the world of work and society is based on firm foundations. The Research Support Programme specifically covers the following areas as cross-cutting themes: globalisation and the European integration process, equal rights for men and women, and the requirement for a sustainable future.


Scholarship Department

The Hans Böckler Foundation’s Scholarship Department grants scholarships to about 2900 students on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We support students in second chance colleges, during their undergraduate and graduate studies and working on PhD projects. Our work focuses on students from non-academic backgrounds and working class families, engaged in trade unions and/or other sociopolitical movements. Besides financial grants, scholarship holders also receive ideational support through workshops, summer schools and internship programmes.


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