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Workers' Voice

Workers' Voice

The experts group concerns itself with the following topics: the spread and different forms of worker participation at the top of transnationally active European companies, its effects on company restructuring, safeguarding employment and investment in the workforce.

Committee members

Co-determination to the benefit of sustainable companies, social inclusion and more democracy at work

"It's all about participation. It's all for nothing without participation." The system of obligatory say of workers' representatives in company boardrooms is deeply rooted in the everyday labour relations in German companies. Together with our presentation „Why codetermination“ video statements provide good arguments and give evidence about the deep conviction of practitioners.

Video: Statements about co-determination
Presentation: Why Codetermination? (pdf)

Workers' Voice in European corporate governance - an invitation to open up new perspectives for participatory democracy

Mitbestimmungsreport No. 52 summarises the results of the Böckler group of experts' "Workers' Voice" and shows that various forms of the Workers' Voice are distributed in Europe - as functional equivalents with similar features and objectives: representing workers' interests, protecting and enforcing workers' rights, and being proactively involved in management decisions. more ...

Kluge: "Policymakers have to recognise the benefits of codetermination"

So-called ‘activist’ investors increasingly have the whip hand when executive boards and supervisory boards with codetermination try to get companies to be strategically successful, sustainable and socially-oriented for the digital age. I.M.U. director Norbert Kluge calls for the tried-and-tested instrument of codetermination to be strengthened, also at the European level, to safeguard balance between the social partners.

Interview with Norbert Kluge
more interviews on

Co-Determination and Corporate Governance

The co-determination index (Mitbestimmung-ix) of the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin measures the capacity of co-determination in listed companies. The benchmark is a sustainable company with prospects for jobs and locations. The index is funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation as a research project and is accompanied by the I.M.U..

Video: Watch interviews with researchers and practitioners
Presentation (pdf)

A choir of many soloists

How can cross-border workers’ participation in Europe be strengthened without impinging on national law? The Workers’ Voice project has found a solution. The basic idea is that functions are more important than form. By Joachim F. Tornau more ...


“Employees want democracy in the workplace”

Werner Nienhüser, an economist at the University of Duisburg-Essen, discusses the results of his study and the big opportunity for “a co-determination offensive”. more ...

Dynamics of Interstices

Soon the European citizens will hold elections. Workers' Voice will be an important element in creating new perspectives for the future Europe. Our guest artist Dieter Haist can help us to open our mindsets. more ...

Workers‘ Voice Policy Brief

The IMU Policy Briefs concisely bring together topics of worker participation with the policy agenda and point towards where there is scope for policy action. more ...

Workers’ Voice Breakfast

Workers’ voice rightfully belongs on Europe’s policy agenda. This is why Hans-Böckler-Stiftung’s Institute for Codetermination and Corporate Governance (Institut für Mitbestimmung und Unternehmensführung, I.M.U.) initiates Workers’ Voice Breakfasts. Experts and practitioners of workers’ voice from all over Europe present and discuss their views with professionals working in the EU institutions. more ...


In July 2018 the final report on the work of the European experts group was presented. The report describes the topics addressed by the HBS’s Workers’ Voice experts group: good reasons for embedding it more solidly and in a legally binding manner in the supervisory and administrative boards of cross-border companies in Europe for the purpose of good corporate governance. more ...

Committee members

In October 2015 a European experts group began work on the topic ‘Workers’ Voice and Good Corporate Governance in Transnational Firms in Europe’. The group, headed by Prof. Dr. Anke Hassel, was tasked with presenting – within 36 months – a report on the current state and possible development possibilities of workers’ voice in the European Union. more ...


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