Co-determination in Germany

Why Co-determination?

Figures, facts and graphics about co-determination. A collection of good arguments for strong workers‘ voice.

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The set of rights, agreements and contracts

Co-determination in Germany defines a set of rights that give employees the possibility of actively participating in the shaping of their working environment. This includes legally stipulated Co-determination rights, company-internal agreements devised in conjunction with union contracts as well as informal determination possibilities that have arisen from Co-determination practice.

Co-determination in Germany (pdf)

Description of Co-determination in Germany in French

Description of Co-determination in Germany in French language by Dr. Sebastian Sick in Les Annales des Mines, série Réalités Industrielles, août 2013

La codétermination en Allemagne (pdf)

Description of Co-determination in Germany in Italian language

Description of Co-determination in Germany in Italien language by Dr. Stefan Lücking/Dr. Sebastian Sick in ERE – Emilia Romagna Europa 16/Marzo 2014

Le sfide della codeterminazione in Germania

The Supervisory Boards in Germany

Compositions according to the German laws of 1951 (coal and steel co-determination law, Montanmitbestimmungsgesetz), of 1976 (law on co-determination), and of 2004 (Third Part Act).

Supervisory Boards in Germany (zip)
Les conseils de surveillance (zip)
Il consiglio di vigilanza (zip)


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