Better Corporate Governance in Europe through Employee Boardroom Participation


Joint decision-making: a model that works (pdf)

Employee involvement in decision-making is widespread in Europe. Even so, companies still try to avoid their obligations. European minimum standards could prevent that.




“Europe needs the voice of labour” (pdf)

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has to decide whether the German system of employee board-level representation is compatible with EU law. A shareholder of the travel company TUI has brought an action to challenge the German rules on the choice of supervisory board members. Norbert Kluge, an expert in the area, explains that Europeanisation and board-level representation go together well.



Corporate governance

Participation makes companies more ethical (pdf)

The extent to which companies assume social responsibility depends in part on the institutional context. Employee participation in decision-making has a positive impact.



Corporate governance

Employee participation means more training (pdf)

Companies with employee representation at board level play a bigger role in the German dual-training system than those where this is not the case, an analysis using the new co-determination index MB-ix shows.



Employee involvement in decision-making means more investment (pdf)
Companies, whose employees influence business policy through their presence on supervisory boards and in European and global works councils, invest more in the future than other firms.

Employee rights

Employee participation helps Europe progress (pdf)
The whole EU could benefit from a strengthening of employee representation at board level, because economic development is stronger in countries where employees are involved in decision-making.

Corporate governance

Creating a “European Panama” (pdf)
The EU wants to introduce the single person company (SUP) across Europe. But, as company law expert Sebastian Sick explains, the current plans are an open invitation to avoid taxes and employee involvement.

Supervisory boards

No Arguments against employee participation (pdf)

Does employee representation on the boards of German companies breach EU law? The European Court of Justice will soon have to decide if this is true. But experts think
the arguments of those bringing the case are wrong.

Employee participation

Young people want their voices heard (pdf)

Employee participation in the workplace is important for young people. However, there is often a lack of understanding about how employee involvement works in practice. Those at school and university don’t have the necessary contacts.



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