Unemployed young people - the price of austerity

The EU has set aside billions for the struggle against youth unemployment in the countries hit by the economic crisis. However, as long as the EU’s other policies hold back economic growth and destroy the structures for social partnership, the money is unlikely to have much impact.

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Austerity poses a threat to health

The crisis-hit countries of Southern Europe have cut public spending on health sharply. In Greece in particular, the population is suffering as a result. mehr ...


Multi-Employer agreements under attack

The Troika has largely destroyed the system of collective bargaining in Greece. Pay has fallen dramatically. And it’s not just a Greek problem. mehr ...


EU’s policy infringes fundamental rights

In its attempt to tackle the crisis, the EU has put national collective bargaining systems under pressure. In doing so it is contravening its own Charter of Fundamental Rights.
mehr ...

Financial policy

Combating inequality through taxes

The whole economy can benefit if taxation policy is used more effectively to redistribute in favour of poorer households. mehr ...


No place for Good Work

Text book economics has a very one-sided understanding of what work is. Employees exchange their leisure time for money in order to buy consumer goods. The fact that jobs can be better or worse, meaningful or meaningless does not feature. mehr ...


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