Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies

Since 1996 the Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM) has existed as a platform for analysis, research and discussion of macroeconomic issues.


Towards Pluralism in Macroeconomics?

Speakers in plenary sessions: Philip Arestis (Cambridge Centre for Economic & Public Policy, UK), Sebastian Dullien (University of Applied Science Berlin, DE), Roger Farmer (University of California, US), Antoine Godin (Kingston University, UK), Eckhard Hein (Berlin School of Economics and Law, DE), Marc Lavoie (University of Ottawa, CA), Maria Nikolaidi (University of Greenwich, UK), Michael Roos (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, DE), Irene van Staveren (University Rotterdam, NL) and Janina Urban (Network for Pluralist Economics, DE).
20 Years-Anniversary Conference of the fmm Research Network.

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The Spectre of Stagnation? Europe in the World Economy

While the Great Financial Crisis has left its mark almost everywhere in the world economy, its regions have taken different paths in the aftermath. Europe, in particular, still suffers a prolonged slump with mass unemployment and outright deflation posing a threat to political and social stability of the European Union. Is stagnation the new normal for Europe? Why did some parts of the world recover faster after the crisis, while others did not? Are their paths economically, ecologically and socially sustainable or do they only mask a general trend towards stagnation? The conference discussed theoretical and empirical aspects as well as policy options. It also dealt with the implications of these developments for the economics curriculum.

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Documentation Summer School

5th International Summer School on "Keynesian Macroeconomics and European Economic Policies"

The summer school aimed at providing an introduction to Post-Keynesian economics and to the problems of European economic policies as well as presenting some ongoing research to interested graduate students (MA and PhD) and junior researchers. 45 students out of more than 150 applicants from around the world had the chance to come to Berlin for an intense week of discussions and knowledge exchange. The days consisted of overview lectures, a panel discussion, student study groups, a computer lab and academic papers. The summer school featured leading international researchers in the area, like Marc Lavoie (Canada), Tom Palley (USA), Eckhard Hein (Germany), Gennaro Zezza (Italy), Steve Fazzari (USA), Engelbert Stockhammer (UK), and Ozlem Onaran (UK).

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Inequality and the Future of Capitalism

The Conference takes place in Berlin, 30th October - 01 November 2014. mehr ...

IMK Workshop

Pluralismus in der Ökonomik

The Workshop takes place in Berlin 08.-10. August 2014. mehr ...


"The Jobs Crisis: causes, cures, constraints". Berlin, 24-26/10/2013 mehr ...

Aim & Focus

The Network aims to be both a platform for discussions about economic theory as well as a forum for economic policy debates: Macroeconomic theory is seen as the basis for policies which aim at high employment, environmentally sustainable growth, price stability, reduced inequality, and the elimination of poverty. more...

Coordination Group

Summer Schools and Conferences

Since its first workshop, held in 1997, the research network organises a yearly international conference, which takes place in late October. In 2008, the first international Summer School, directed at advanced students and young researchers, took place in Berlin. Starting from 2009, the Summer School shall be held every two years. more...


Metropolis-Publisher has established a publication series of the conference proceedings of the network's yearly workshops. Further contributions to the workshops are published on a regular basis in "Intervention. European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies". more...


If you would like to receive the newsletter of the research network, please send an email to Susanne-Stoeger[at]boeckler.de.


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